Dubrovnik old town

Most people have heard of Dubrovnik's old town. Either you watch Game of Thrones, or perhaps you are aware it is one of the most complete, cohesive and beautiful cities in Croatia, if not the world (in my opinion). Whatever draws you within those cradling city walls you will soon realise that the whole world has Dubrovnik fever right now.

So, if you are considering a trip to Croatia or even a trip to Europe, here are some of our favorites reasons so make Dubrovnik so much more than a transit point.

picture perfect Dubrivnik, Croatia- Life Itinerant

1. Cliff jumping

Are you crazy? Do you love a bit/a lot of adrenaline pumping around in your blood?

Just outside the city walls there are rock formations that many, I mean many many, people jump off into the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. I have even seen some locals jump from the base of the wall which is so high it is bound to give the feint of heart nightmares.

Walk to Buža Bar (translation: hole in the wall), that's where this photo was taken. If you don't where the bar is we can help you, it may take you a couple of tries to find it but it is worth the effort. From Gundulic Square walk up the Jezuit steps (the 'shame' steps for GOT fans). Keep walking until you reach the city walls, take a right and keep on walking until you see the 'cold drinks' sign and you have found it. The bar in through a narrow and low doorway. The drinks are expensive at this bar so skip on the purchase and go straight for the cliff jumping. Just BE SAFE.

Cliff jumping on the outskirts of the Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia - Life Itinerant

2. The whole city is unbelievably beautiful

Whether you are seeing the city from the ground or the walls you will be impressed by the beauty and cohesiveness of the city, it all just fits together perfectly. My heart was completely lost to the homogeneous orange rooves, glittering sea, and white marble. If you are a photographer the sunsets are stunning and for those who just want to wander the city and get a few snaps how could this scenery not make you look great?

Walking around/on the city walls will set you back 150 HRK (Kuna) per person, in my opinion it is totally worth it for the pictures alone, but it is also a great way to get a decent measure of the size and construction of the city.

3. Game of Thrones

Many parts of the multi season series has been filmed in Dubrovnik and there are a plethora of companies running 'GOT' themed tours. If you want a brilliant GOT tour that will not only show you lots of filming locations within the city, but will also include a very small group (under 14 people) and playing with film props then Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tour is perfect. Like I said there are many tours going but they are often crowded, rushed and only take you to the major locations.

Game of Throne Dubrovnik Tour, our tour group - Life Itinerant

4. The sunsets

My boyfriend, Dean, is a photographer so I spend a great deal of time following him around, patiently waiting or holding photographic equipment. Sometimes this gets annoying but sometimes I get to sit and watch the sun go down like I did in Dubrovnik. It is truly magical to watch the light drain from the sky and see the town lights flicker on in the darkness.

My advice is: grab some ridiculously cheap beer, some burek and find a spot to watch the sun set and appreciate how lucky you are to be witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Sunset over Dubrovnik - Life Itinerant