Italian Lakes

I had already been in Domodossolla for a week before I was moved into a host family (to read more about that click here). The family I was placed with had a 12 year old daughter who was also in my class. The family lived just outside the town and firmly lodged on the mountain said near a lovely little town with 7 churches, it's claim to fame. Once upon a time the town was part of a popular pilgrim route.

It was their first time hosting a tutor and they were excited about showing me the surrounding sights, of which there were many to offer.

Our first outing was to Lake Orta, not nearly as famous as Lake Como or Garda, previously named Lake San Giulio after the island city that sits within its waters, which in turn, is named after a local saint of the same name. It is roughly 18 square kilometres in size and has a maximum depth of 143 metres.

The city itself is typically picturesque though, at times, heaving with tourists both local and domestic. Hiring a boat to visit the cities that surround the lake is a popular pastime. I was lucky enough to have good weather when I walked around the lake though come evening time the rain came bucketing down. This, bad weather, would become something of a theme during my time in the north much to my dismay at the time, Italian summers are supposed to be hot, but now is quite funny.

My second outing was to Santa Maria Maggiore a perfectly beautiful little town near the mouth of Lake Maggiore. I spent a beautiful sunny afternoon strolling the streets and marvelling at the beauty of the town as a whole. Shortly after this picture was taken the heavens opened up and it began to rain. Then it stormed, and then some.