Two weeks in Vento, Italy

My third week in Italy began with a short train ride between Castelfranco and Camposampiero, a mere 15 minute journey. After farewelling my host family at the train station I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat down inside the steam box also known as a train carriage. The weather for the first 2 weeks of my Italian adventure was abominably hot. Temperatures rose above 40 degrees, I was outside running, jumping and singing in the searing heat. My third week however was cooler at 35 degrees on the daily average.

In my new location I was greeted by the co workers and new family, with a baby. Unlike my first family, they didn't have much planned for me, but this allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep. Camposampiero is bigger than San Zenone, my previous location, but can by no means be considered a city of great size. To the left of the school was a small town and to the right all the roads leading out of the town.

My week consisted of plenty of laughs with a particularly funny British friend and Irish lad, gelato, pizza dinner where two people accidentally got engaged, and a final show where one of my students adopted the character of ‘Justin Beaver’. I was fueled by a minimum of 3 coffees daily and random jokes and puns. All 5 of the tutors at my camp, including myself, took an outing to a beautiful mansion called Villa Contarini, originally built in 1000. It was subsequently extended on by the various owners of the years until the aristocracy that visit could walk from the town to the middle of the house, some 400 metres without being exposed to sunlight at all.

Inside the house is a room entirely made of shells. The builder bribed neighbouring children with candy in exchange for shells from the beach more than 10kms away. It must have worked because he was able to gather all the materials he needed.

At the top of the mansion is a room, designed like a guitar, to allow the music played by a band in the rafters, to drift down to the lower floors in the world's first surround sound.

I rode off into the sunset excited for my week off in Tuscany.