New adventures in Italy

I arrived in Italy by bus departing from the stunningly beautiful Nice, France. The journey was barely over one hour yet took in a plethora of green scenery and medieval cities. A highlight of the journey was passing the city country of Monaco, an impressively wealthy place.

Dean and I had arrived in San Remo, Italy to begin the next phase of our journey - teaching English to Italian children for the summer. We spent a week training for our new position and sweating it out under the hot Italian sun, melting into a sweaty stinky puddle.

San Remo, my first Italian city, is surrounded by glittering water with the city alongside and residential area gently sloping up the surrounding hills. Gelato and pizzerias abound and I indulged in it all… well when in Rome ( I mean San Remo) eat it all.

Every week teaching English in Italy I would be sent to a new location anywhere in Italy. I would only find out a few days before departing for my new location, a prospect I found particularly appealing. It meant I could relinquish control and just go where the wind blew me and enjoy the experience wherever I landed. My first camp was located in a very small town called San Zenone, located in the province of Treviso, Veneto district in the far north of Italy. The town was located barely 100kms from the Austrian border and shares a similar landscape. All around me was green hills, snowcapped mountains and cows wearing little bells.

My host family was amazing and so motivated to share their culture and country with me. I was so eager to eat, see and experience everything on offer. My co-workers were amazing, showing me the town and ensuring I was well watered.

Our first outing was to the Alps and the Dolomites. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would get to see the Dolomites. In the afternoon sun they glowed red, during the day the mountains were grey and imposing.

During the week I taught at a very small camp to wonderful children. In the evenings I was fattened up with delicious Italian pastas and cheese. I was able to visit the majestic city of Marostica, a walled city famous for it's human chess game.

The story follows like this, two princes wanted to marry the daughter of the Lord of Marostica. The Lord had to chose one but did not want to risk offending either. The tradition was a duel to settle the situation, not wanting to lose either of them the Lord suggested a match of wits, chess, the winner won the maiden.

Every year the town holds a match to commemorate the original game. The tickets are of course priced ridiculously high. The food and landscape of this beautiful region took me by surprise and I cannot wait to see where life will take me next.