We got a free hotel in Texas

Recently Dean and I were flying with American Airlines from Seoul, Incheon Airport in South Korea to Lima, Peru with a 6 hour trasit through Dallas Fort Worth airport in Texas, USA. About half an hour before we were scheduled to begin boarding our last leg an announcement came over the PA that our 1015pm flight had been pushed back to 830am the next day. My first reaction was one of utter jubilence, Why? Because I am almost compleltely unable to get any shut eye on a plane. The delay meant that not only would we be pushed back to the morning but we would also be provided with a free stay in a hotel room, meal vouchers, and a free shuttle to and from our hotel.

Sure we would be arriving 10 hours later than scheduled, our original flight was due to arrive at 530am - a time when most things are closed and getting transport from the airport to the city can be difficult. It also meant that after a 7 hour flight it would still be many hours until we would be able to check into our hostel. So, for us, a delay of 10 hours actually improved our situation. Now arriving at 3pm we would be able to get a shuttle bus and check straight in, shower and sleep. In addition to this our stay in the hotel meant we actually would get some comfortable, and crutially vertical, sleep. But not every airline is created equal. Some lower cost carriers do not provide this service and if your flight is delyed overnight you may find yourself sleeping in the airport. It is important to read the fare rules and know your rights, In addition to our hotel stay we were given 2 meal vouchers, for a total of $19 which we used to buy breakfast, snacks and much needed coffee. Thanks AA, your delay meant a steep incline in my mood and comfort.