Airport mania

I really don't like airports. In reality it's the nervous air and mania that infects airports that I don't like. For someone with anixiety, like myself, an early morning jaunt to the airport can feel like certain peril. Our morning began at 7am, waking up to ensure we made our 1150am flight with Jeju air from Tokyo (Narita) to Seoul (Incheon). Plenty of time, we thought, as we made our way to the train station at 8am. We had plotted out of route which was estimated to take an hour from start to finish. The route consisted of 3 trains, always a hassle with bags. 2 of these were on the Tokyo metro.  If you have never been on the tokyo metro you are in for a treat. Nothing screams 'tourist' like trying to board a fully packed train on the Tokyo metro with large suitcases. But we weren't the only ones. Our other option was a $300 cab ride - not likely. We squeezed ourselves into spaces that didn't exist, sending polite Tokyoites into the rafters. First train down still on time. After a change we boarded another train, delayed, drat. A near anomaly on the Tokyo subway. Eventually we got going but the delay meant that we missed the airport train we had planned on. By this point we were cutting it fine. The next leg passed with non event. We then competed in, what I like to call, the airpot baggage relay. Passing bags between eachother as we sped forth to the check in counter. We arrived with 3 minutes until the the counter closed. With bags checked in we breathed a sigh of relief. Now to tackle the rigmarole of customs and immigrations. Flashback to early that morning when Dean was packing our bag and realised it was seriously overweight.  'Just take a couple pairs of shoes out. It'll be right ' I had said. 'No, no, ill take my toiletries case out its pretty heavy' he said with confidence. Who am I to argue? I'm  sure he considered liquid allowances. Flash forward to baggage check. Too much liquid, bah bow. A few new items confiscated but a particularly slow moving baggage inspector later, including one now flustered Dean, and we make it to boarding as last calls are being made. Morale of the story - you can never be too early. We live to fly another day.