VR and gaming sports in Seoul

I am always on the lookout for something new and exciting to do on my days off. After all, there are only so many lunches or dinners out you can take before the routine becomes tiresome. So after a tip off from a friend we decided to check out the brand spanking new Sports Monster at Hanam Star Mall, after checking it out on line it seemed like something none of us had ever seen before.

Sports Monster - Starfield Hanam - Life Itinerant

For us, living in Paju, it was quite a hike, almost 3 hours later we arrived. Not only were we impressed by the branding of Sports Monster but we liked the look of Starfeild in general and spent some time perusing the multitude of levels.

The line for Sports Monster was long, but moved quickly, it seemed that they had an in- out policy to ensure that there were not more people inside than the facility could cope with. Good on them! I hate having to wait. Upon entering I was like a kid that had been sucked into a gaming console, overwhelmed by the colour, flashing lights and sounds indicating success. I changed into my active wear and began working my way around the attractions.

For a full list of the attractions offered read below (attractions) my favourites were; trampoline, monster slide, taekwondo, and the VR rollercoaster experience. Here's why. First, trampolines, who doesn't love trampolines? I love a good jump mostly because it is great for a full body workout and I also enjoy jumping on trampolines with little kids and watching them get hurled into the air and laughing uncontrollably. The monster slide was a short burst of fun but harked back to my days in the park - purely for nostalgic reasons. Taekwondo was awesome. I had gone to Sports Monster with Dean and my friend Ellie, so this was an activity we could do together and we got to beat the living daylights out of 3 fictional characters. It was a great workout and I even busted a couple of knuckles going helta skelta.

Lastly the VR rollercoaster experience was something I had never experienced before. The VR machine required you to support yourself by your arms and the lower portions of your legs, essentially in a planking posture for the duration of the experience (maybe 2-4 mins). You moved yourself right, left, back and forth to move your avatar around the rollercoaster. Whilst the graphics were a little on the poor side the overall experience was very enjoyable.

Virtual Reality experience at Sports Monster Hanam - Life Itinerant

All in all the day was well worth the travel to get there, the different approach to exercise was exciting, and the experience of the whole park was fresh and played into our ever increasing need to be entertained at all times. Two thumbs up from me - a welcome change to a brunch and a good way to burn off some calories.

Prepare to hurt the next day!

What is it?

Monster Sport is touted as the worlds first 'sportainment' theme park. It consists of computer game based sports, VR sports experiences, and some more traditional sports given a bright light LED interactive makeover. The park is indoor, making it perfect for any weather. In addition to the sports activities Sports Monster also has some 'norebang' style cheerleading and dancing rooms.

It makes for a great day out as a family, for couples, or friends.

Layout of Sports Monster Hanam - Life Iitinerant

Attractions The park is separated into 4 zones; Basic, Exciting, Adventure, Digital. - Basic Zone; Basketball, badminton, baseball, futsall (consists of inside and outside courts *note: outside courts may be closed on cold/rainy days).

- Exciting Zone; Trampolines, dance/cheerleading rooms, darts, shooting.

- Adventure Zone; Interactive LED climbing walls, outdoor bouldering wall, freefall experience, rope course and monster slide.

- Digital Zone; Physical checkup, trampoline gaming experience, soccer scoring, baseball pitching, virtual handball, Taekwondo sparring (3 persons), running race, cycle race, ICAROS (VR sporting experience * current attraction was roller coaster).

Getting there

From Seoul take line 2 (green line) to Jamsil Station. Check the exit map for bus 9303, head over to the right side of the road and jump on the 9303 bus for Starfield - Hanam. The bus drops you off directly outside the Starfield and Sports Monster is on the top floor, right next to the cinema.

Some of the 'art walls' LED climbing walls at Sports Monster Hanam - Life Iitinerant

Other Info

Entrance cost is W23,000 per person (adult) for 2 hours of playtime. Additional time is charged W1,000 per 10 minutes. Upon entrance you are provided with a wrist band that is required for tapping onto attractions and is used to manage customer flow, tapping on will not cost you any additional money unless you exceed your 2 hour allowance.

Some attractions may be closed at various times without notice. When we were there the bouldering room was closed, as was some of the climbing walls and jumps for periods throughout the day.

Check out the website here, in Korean only, but if you are using google chrome, right click to translate to English.