Gaudi inspired architecture in Vietnam

I love happening upon weird and wonderful things. Especially when they come in the form of unique architectural design. One of the secret loves in my life is casting an appreciative eye over well drawn lines, perfectly executed moulding, and butting buttresses. Dalat Crazy House, takes all the rules and throws them out the window with an entertaining result.

Dalat Crazy House, Dalat, Vietnam - Lifeitinerant

The Dalat Crazy house is located within easy access of Dalat centre, we rode our scooter there easily. It costs around $2 (USD) for entry, which allows you to wander the ambling structures, with the hundreds of other people, and snap pictures along the way.

The buildings architect, Dr. Dang Viet Nga, studied architecture at the University of Architecture in Moscow in the late 50's - 60's, also completing a PHD, before returning to Vietnam. Construction on the Crazy House began in the 90's and was initially intended to be completed in 2010 but has since been re-projected to 2020. The ensuing 26 years has seen towers, staircases, melting buildings, and a themed B'n'B built.

Dalat Crazy House - Lifeitinerant

You can stay in one of the themed hotel rooms, though the thought of so many people hovering just outside my window, if I were to stay there, makes me slightly uncomfortable. What you need to understand if you do chose to stay here, is that the hotel rooms are situated right in the middle of the structures so people wander freely around, including up to the window and door of the room. Not everyone understands the notion of privacy. To book a room, you can find Dalat Crazy House here.

All the aside, it is totally worth the visit to this unique building. The architect cites Gaudi as one of their principal influences and it not hard to see why. With it's; tiled murals, unique window shapes, and melting edifices the touch of Gaudi is everywhere. Expect to spend between 1- 2 hours here.

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