2017 - A New Year, A New Adeventure

Many people each year will make a New Years resolution. Personally, I find them hard to make, and even harder to stick to. During the New Year period I am in party mode and do not realise I want to make a change until the year is already well and truly started. For us 2017 was always going to be a cracker of a year.

For one, it was the year that we would begin our 'no plans' approach to the next few years of our lives. By that, I mean that we would not make any firm plans to land in any one particular place. When we started our journey, in 2015, it was our intention to work as teachers in South Korea for 1-2 years before setting off to do, essentially, whatever we liked.

Gangnam, South Korea - Life Iitinerant

As of April we will be leaving South Korea, which has been our home for the last 18 months. To begin with we will travel to a few countries which have been on our list since the travel bug bit us; back to Japan, finally seeing Peru and it's ancient Inca ruins, off to Ecuador to explore the Galapagos. During this time we will film and edit videos, and build on our website to offer more information about our travel experiences and how we move around the world - finding work and making this life work for us.

In June we have an airfare booked from Ecuador to Europe where we will possibly travel some more, maybe work, who knows? That's half the fun. We have discussed working and living in the United Kingdom for a while or maybe even somewhere in Scandinavia. I guess we will just get a feel for things as we go.

Melbourne, Australia - Life Itinerant

This may appear at first glance as reckless, this couldn't be further from the truth. Although we have, what you would call a flexible plan, we have done our research. We know we can scratch out enough money, between the two of us, by working online. I am in the process of seeking publication for my latest novel, and there is always conventional work, if it comes to that. If all else fails there is always the option to teach English again; either in South Korea or any of the myriad of Asian countries that have ESL teachers. Vietnam is particularly appealing.

Where to start

If you too are interested in beginning your nomadic life you need to start with your basic considerations; money, time, ability.

When I say money, I don't mean you have to be loaded, but you do need a certain amount to purchase a flight and pay your initial way. If you intend on working in another country you may also have to shell out for working visas and those visas may have requirements such as a capacity test which require you to have a certain set of funds in an accessible bank account in your name.

This may seem like an obvious one. Most of the time we find ourselves either swathed in cash or time, and never the twain shall meet. If you are planning on being away for a long time you need to understand that time will pass by, friends will have babies, get married, people may have real huge life moments in your absence, and that's okay. Even though you are not there, you are still a part of their life. For me this one is close to home, during our time in Korea good friends have become engaged, babies have been born, and terrible, terrible things have happened to friends. I wish I could have been there with them, but I chose this life for a reason - my friends understand that, I hope.

Ability - now I'm not talking about your physical ability, though being fit and healthy certainly helps, but can you actually do this? Have you found out if you are actually eligible for that working visa, can you get dual citizenship for a country that will make living the nomadic life easier? If so get it, even if it costs you $500 now, it will save you a lot in the long run. I know having dual UK/AU citizenship has opened up options for me in EEA/EU states, for now anyway.

In the end the only thing that will stop you is you. For years I stopped myself too. Once I stood back and realised that I was living the life other people told me I should have, I found the strength to walk away. I can honestly say that after walking away from my legal career and into a world of travel, that it was the single best decision I have ever made.

Bai Tu Long Bay (Halong Bay), Vietnam - Life Iitinerant