The fattest cat in town

Chasing the winter blues away can be a full time job during South Korea's long winters. Living in a rural area can make it a little more difficult to cheer our spirits with tasty food, so on the weekend we like to treat ourselves by finding new eateries.

Frontage of Fat Cat, HBC, Seoul

Today we found Fat Cat in the HBC area (Haebangchon). Normally we don't write about a particular food joint, perhaps we should, but Fat Cat impressed us so much I had to immediately put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard in this case.

It's not often that we go to a cafe that is simultaneously unassuming and ridiculously impressive - not in the fois gras on toast sort of way, but the way that everything that comes out of their incredibly tiny kitchen hits is out of the ballpark.

Hot chocolate with espresso and Baileys, Fat Cat, HBC - Life Itinerant

Let's start with the coffee - we have found in Korea that coffee is very hit and miss. Either a cafe will have decent coffee or good food- and never the twain shall meet. Not only does Fat Cat have great coffee, they also have nostalgic flavour combinations that are executed brilliantly. I had the gingerbread latte. Becca makes the gingerbread syrup in house and the extra effort really comes through - in short you can taste the love she puts into everything. Dean had a stellar combination of Baileys, hot chocolate, and coffee, he is a mocha fan.

The Tiger Beef, Fat Cat, HBC- Life Itinerant

For eats we both had the Beef Tiger Sandwich, yes, yes, I know, I hear you all saying 'you really should have got 2 different meals to compare'. We were presented with the following description; beef, cheese, horseradish, pickles on a crusty baguette, what were we to do? We are suckers for a good beef and cheese combo! We were not disappointed. I think the best description of this delicious sandwich would be a cross of a Ruben sandwich and cheese steak in the best possible way. Everything was in perfect balance and every mouthful was heaven. On the side were super crunchy, properly salted crisps with not a hint of sweetness in sight - praise the gods of crisps!!

Dean eating the food before the shot - Life Itinerant

For me the stand out was Becca's kombucha. At the moment she has 2 brews; Rose (Rosehip and Hibiscus, and TLC (Tangerine, Lemongrass, and Coriander). Personally I love kombucha, I have even got Dean into it, so we ordered one of each.

When we first arrived in Korea I struggled to find kombucha, I have even started brewing my own and now I realise how hard it is to get the taste right. I enjoy mine super vinegary. Fat Cat's kombucha is a great mix of strong kombucha for the seasoned connoisseur and tasty enough for a newbie to enjoy too. My tip would be, if you are new to kombucha, as Dean is go for the rose as it's a bit sweeter. If you like yours strong and zingy go for the TLC, it has strong flavours and it's the perfect starter for the day.

kombucha and coffee - Fat Cat, HBC - Life Itinerant

Fat Cat is easy to reach on foot from Noksapyeong station, take exit 2 and keep walking straight (away from Itaewon), hang left on the first street you find after the station (it is lined with kimchi pots on the left of the street), keep walking for about 500 metres and it will be on your right.

Fat Cat from the street, HBC - Life Itinerant

They have lots of interesting items on the menu at the moment, including ; egg nog, pumpkin spice lattes and pesto chicken sandwiches. The menu is not massive but we think this is a good thing as it allows places to perfect the dishes they do have.

Do yourself a flavour (yes intentional pun) and visit soon. Here you can find a link to Fat Cat's Facebook page.