More about Dean

I was born in Tasmania, Australia - a state famous  for it's natural beauty. I grew up surrounded by lush green forests, snow capped mountains, and oceans often too cold to swim in. 

Tasmania is predominately homogeneous, the largest immigrant community in my area being Dutch. My family hosted University students from Asia which sparked an interest in travel and foreign culture from an early age. 

In my teen years I traveled to far north Queensland on my own, and, at 19 took my first overseas trip. 

Not one for beginning slowly, my first trip lasted 3 months and covered a good deal of Southeast Asia with very little pre planning. Not only did I survive, I thrived on the experience. 

Shortly after returning I met Megan, who had recently returned from a 3 month stint in Europe. We were in a similar head space. 

In 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics with a Major in Journalism and began working. During this time we lived on 2 acres , practiced animal husbandry, and grew our own food. It was great. but incredibly difficult to maintain whilst traveling. 

In 2014 we moved to Melbourne for Megan's work but quickly realised we were ready for a bigger crazier adventure. That's when we started Life Itinerant, now we work around the world to fund our travel addiction. 

I enjoy taking pictures of the places we go, with a particular focus on street photography and honest human interactions. If you want to check out my photography, click here.

My dream vacation would be: San Francisco for ComiCon.