Australia - Sun soaked and sandy

Written by Megan

As Australia is our homeland, I must be upfront and suggest that perhaps all people have a slight bias for their motherland.


That is not at all to imply that it is the best country we have ever travelled to, in fact that award would be placed squarely with the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. Nor is it the country I would select, if I could choose anywhere in the world, to live, that would be Scotland. Neither is it the country in which we currently live, that is South Korea. But it will always be home. 


It is, however, home to some of the best weather, people and beaches you could ever experience.


Australia is one of those places, given it’s size, that has a breadth of difference that is hard to imagine is contained within one country.


The East Coast is full of beaches of varying loveliness and famous cities brimming with great dining and excellent coffee.


In the Far North, one can experience extreme heat, exotic wildlife and marine life, serenity and of course sharks.


The Central North is hot and dry and harks back to our indigenous history with sacred natural monuments.


The West is a world away from the rest of the country, built on the mining industry, it has bloomed into a splattering of cities with their own unique offerings.


Finally, the islands of Australia, the most inhabited being Tasmania, a state of it’s own, offers some of the most beautiful scenery and food in all of Australia but is often missed off an itinerary of the country.


It was not until we moved to South Korea that we realised how different Australia really is. We speak another language - of course we speak English- but the amount of colloquialisms, slang and idioms we use on a daily basis is phenomenal.


We recently had a couple of New Zealand girls join our team of teachers, what a breath of fresh air, and I hadn’t realised how much I had changed the way I spoke until I was able to speak to them in the unabridged Australian way - and to my enrapt excitement, were able to understand 'I'm going to the servo for some petty' without translation.