Dean and Megan

Life Itinerant

Dean and I met after my first ‘big travel adventure’ having returned from three months abroad in Europe and he had spent the same amount of time travelling South East Asia.


We were both in a similar headspace. I was a child of the world eyes-wide-open and greedy for more, he a tall white guy with an oriental inside.


Our first date was drinking Boba bubble tea, a popular Taiwanese drink with tapioca pearls, blowing bubbles and playing Frisbee in the park.  It was this enrapt freedom that drew us together.

That’s where being alone ended and travelling the world together begun.

During University we worked hard saving our money so we could travel during the semester breaks. Our first few trips together were domestic, within Australia and generally fairly modest, usually to visit family.

After two years travelling our own backyard we decided to get out into the world again, and we hit the road for a little South East Asian sojourn. We booked tickets haphazardly with harebrained ideas, admittedly very poorly thought out.

Like the time we decided to book return tickets to Denpasar, Indonesia and then transit through to Singapore. Needless to say I was not happy to find out we had to pay visa and departure taxes just to transit each time. Rest assured I do much more research now to avoid making such costly mistakes!

Our next few trips took us to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

As much as we love traveling together sometimes we still go it alone. I went on a dive trip on the Great Barrier Reef and away on a few trips for work such as to Brisbane during my time working as a Travel Agent.

For a few years after University, Dean and I both struggled to maintain our conventional lives, using the degrees we had worked for but both living a life that neither of us wanted. In the end we decided happiness was worth more than a healthy bank account and we decided to sign a contract to teach in South Korea for 12 months. 

Becoming expats has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. It has afforded us the ability to save more money than we ever dreamed was possible and has provided us a central base to travel from. One thing other Australians will understand is the difficulty and expense that comes with travelling as Australia is so far from anywhere else. Fortunately Korea is essentially the centre of the globe and ridiculously easy to travel from, with excellent flight paths and frequent flights to almost everywhere. 

From Korea we travelled to; domestically within Korea, North Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

In March 2017 we began one of our biggest trips yet, which we are still on, we started in Japan, then on to South America taking in Peru and Ecuador, then Europe with Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Vatican and Croatia, across the pond we took on the UK, exploring England Scotland and Wales.

2018 saw us move to Leeds, United Kingdom where we travelled Europe and explored the history of the medieval world. We are now expanding our team (adding a baby- coming early 2019) and now live in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.


After all, where is the fun in planning your life away and ignoring the fabulous opportunities that may take your life in unexpected directions.

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